Who Is Muhammad SAW : a Complete History about Prophet Muhammad SAW

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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, most merciful

     Muhammad is the messenger of God, just as other delegates before, like Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

Almost everyone on the earth today is discussing Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. People want to know, “Who was he exactly?” “What did he teach?” “Why was he loved so much by some and hated so much by others?” “Did he live up to his claims?” “Was he a holy man? “Was he a prophet of God?” “What is the truth about this man – Muhammad?”

How can we discover the truth and be totally honest in our judgment?
We will begin with the very simple historical evidences, facts as narrated by thousands of people, many of whom knew him personally. The following is based on books, manuscripts, texts and actual eyewitness accounts, too numerous list herein, yet all have been preserved in original form throughout the centuries by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Muhammad SAW History
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